About Us

Amazing Heart is committed to assisting individuals at all learning levels obtain the proper techniques needed to help save lives. At Amazing Heart, we are able to meet the diverse needs of the individuals and the communities in which we serve through the unique design of our educational delivery system. Our passion is to make a difference in our community by providing quality training based on recent cardiac studies and the American Heart Association guidelines. When we do well educating both professionals and non professionals on life saving techniques, the entire community benefits – and that makes us proud!

According to the American Heart Association, 1 in 6 deaths in the United States are due to heart disease. As healthcare professionals, we wanted to join in the fight against cardiac fatalities. Why not continue our work with cardiac patients in the hospital? With several years of nursing experience in Critical Care, Med/Surg, Skilled Nursing and Post Surgical Care, we realized that educational opportunities in the hospital can be limited.

Amazing Heart gives us the opportunity to reach members of the community in larger numbers. In a relaxed, non-competitive, fun learning environment, we teach life saving skills as well as preventative care. From the lay person to the most advanced healthcare professional, we want you to be successful in learning and performing CPR. Not only do we teach it…we live it!

Our Mission

The core mission of Amazing Heart is to provide safe and effective cardiac intervention instruction to professional and non professional members of the community. Our goal, through continued excellence and quality, is to empower the community through life saving education. We uphold this mission by adhering to the American Heart Association Guidelines for cardiac resuscitation and maintaining a long term commitment to clients and the community we serve


“The instructors are impressive and very enthusiastic. You can tell they are passionate about saving lives.”
Lori Harris, RN, BSN - Maricopa

“I enjoyed taking a class lead by an instructor that has actually performed CPR in the hospital and in the community. I feel confident with the knowledge I have gained.
Angie Gumpert, Speech Pathologist, MS - Phoenix

“Learning from a former bedside nurses was great! They were able to discuss what happens to a victim from the community to the bedside.”
Angela Hill, RN, BSN - Gilbert

“The Amazing Heart instructor made this old lady feel comfortable learning new things! Learning First Aid and CPR will help me take care of my spouse. “
Bertha Hayes, Retired - Gilbert